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Why Shul Solutions?


Change is never easy both for an organization and its staff. Professional training by Shul Solutions helps ease that discomfort and allows you to strengthen the skills that each of your employees needs to better improve their workflow. 

Shul Solutions' development program brings all employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge. 

A well-designed training program by Shul Solutions communicates to your employees what is expected of them and, more importantly, how to meet your expectations. 



There are many benefits to providing your staff with professional training by Shul Solutions.

They include; increased job satisfaction and morale, increased employee motivation, increased efficiencies in workflow resulting in financial gain for the synagogue, increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods, increased innovation in strategies and reduced employee turnover.



Adam has worked with the ShulCloud software for more than five years.  It has saved his congregation a lot of money and it can do the same for yours. A big part of that savings is the proper use and planning of targeted professional training.

As an Administrator and Executive Director, Adam understands the needs within a Synagogue office. He has  worked with many synagogues in Canada and the United States to help them with training, implementation, data management and graphic design. Professional training is vitally important. The cost savings to a synagogue can be quite substantial.

Remote Training


One-on-one or as a group, online professional training that is targeted specifically to the needs of the individual staff member(s). Sessions are held via Zoom and generally scheduled for 1-2 hours. 

These sessions are perfect for individuals looking for training in one or two areas or a quick recap from a previous session. Employees are able to build new skills, develop existing skill sets, and gather new knowledge about functionality that will boost their productivity.  

 Email to schedule an online session today. 

On-Site Training


One-on-one or as a group, in-person on-site professional training provides a very thorough canvas to meet the needs of each synagogue professional.

On-site Training also means Synagogues have the ability to tailor each and every aspect of the training process as well as customize the lessons according to the their own policies.

Email to discuss your training plan.

On-Going Support


Have a question? Need advice? We are  easily accessible and happy to help! We can provide ongoing training, refresher courses, project management, web building and design, logical form building, administration and member support.

Email to reach me now. 

Reach out to me today and see how the combination of ShulCloud and Shul Solutions 

can transform your synagogues workflow.