Chaverware Clients - Let us help make your transition to ShulCloud a smoother one.

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As a private contractor, Adam can help with the decision to move to ShulCloud and assess your specific workflow. He’ll discuss data transfers - best practices, evaluate which online payment system is right for you and the best way to connect your online receivables with your bank.

 Email to discuss your pre-planning. 

Cost Effective


Shul Solutions is an independent contractor and we can therefore tailor our packages to fit with your synagogue’s budget with reasonable hourly, daily and project-specific rates.

 Email us today at to discuss your budget and database needs. 



We can help you gently transition from your current system and habits to a new, more efficient, functional system that will save you time and effort, freeing your professionals to do the holy work of the synagogue—participating in prayer and programs, and creating lasting community connections.

Shul Solutions will help you with all your  ShulCloud system settings, moving your website and launching to your members.

Whether you are about to sign up with ShulCloud or already online, email to discuss your integration plan. 

Reach out to me today and see how the combination of ShulCloud and Shul Solutions 

can transform your synagogues workflow.