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Why Shul Solutions?

In 2011 I was tasked with implementing the first database system for our newly formed synagogue. For the next 18 months, we tested out various systems and eventually made the decision in 2013 to move ahead with ShulCloud. 

ShulCloud's functionality and ease of use made it the obvious choice for our community. Members and guests instantly took to the new system. They were making payments, donations and updating their information as soon as we went live. At the same time, our office and clergy were able to keep on track of all of our daily office needs with one simple tool. 

Perhaps more importantly for me as an Administrator, ShulCloud's support system was top notch!

Led by Barry and Ronnie Schwartz, ShulCloud (under the umbrella of RustyBrick) and their highly skilled team of developers, designers and support staff proved to us very quickly that we had made the right decision.

Since then, through various online portals, I have spent a great deal of time answering questions about Integration, Training and Database Management. And so, Shul Solutions was formed.

Helping synagogue Administrators and Clergy, I now have the privilege of working with many synagogues in Canada and the US on a weekly basis.

Shul Solutions' purpose is simple. We provide  in-depth, job-specific training that is targeted to the needs of each individual office member, lay leader or clergy person. Shul Solutions does not believe in one training approach for all. From clergy, to educators to office staff, we all employ different job functions. 

Synagogue budgets are tight. We know that first hand. So we must make the best use of our dollars as well as our time. Shul Solutions will create a plan with each client in advance of commencing training in order to help meet those needs.

Contact us today to discuss how Shul Solutions can help simplify your transition to ShulCloud.

Shul Solutions is not affiliated with ShulCloud or RustyBrick.

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