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Web & Design


Just like the internet and just about everything else these days, website design has also changed. Websites today need to be more functional, easy to use and clean! Content rich sites only work when the information is well planned and laid out. At Shul Solutions we'll help you create a welcoming and enriching experience for your visitors. 

What factors make up a strong Synagogue website on ShulCloud

  • Strong visual style
  • Effective use of typography and imagery
  • Consistent use of branding
  • Well written and organized content
  • 3 click rule
  • Embedded forms

How can Shul Solutions make your Synagogue website look more professional?

  • Common use of family fonts
  • A simplistic background is important
  • Crisp, clean and bright imagery
  • KISS Theory (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  • Make it easy for people to learn more about you
  • Effective use of Icons
  • Create a Color Scheme.

How can Shul Solutions make your ShulCloud website more functional and user friendly?

  • We'll make your site responsive 
  • Proper logo placement
  • Include your contact information
  • Easy access to your products and services
  • Entice potential members to contact you
  • Simplify your navigation
  • Display your most frequently asked questions

Reach out to me today and see how the combination of ShulCloud and Shul Solutions 

can transform your synagogues workflow.